Gift experiences, not things.
The answer to one of our most popular questions is yes, we do offer gift vouchers, and they look great!
We offer game vouchers for games for 2,3,4,5 or 6 players. Simply gift escape rooms voucher pack to them and they can use their code at their leisure. We offer FREE POSTAGE AND PACKAGING for all our gift vouchers, so drop us an email or a call and we'll get it in the post to you right away!
We also offer a gift voucher with a £20 value, that's for example, the occasion if you have 4 nephews and don't want to buy a group game, or your just want to gift 1 person an average entry fee!
To get your hands on a voucher pack,click here, scroll past the game rooms and select the gift voucher you want. Once checkout out please drop us an email with your postal address and we will get a voucher pack in the post!