Post-a-Puzzle is our latest creation, born out of lockdown! It contains a pack of 10 puzzles, a welcome telegram and a greeting card that gets posted directly to your special someone.

Only when the correct answers from each puzzle are entered online is your identity, message, photo or video revealed!

Either gift in itself or a fun way to present a gift or even better, it’s hiding place!

It includes a free greeting card of your choice and a free plant-a-tree gift! Oh and it comes with free UK postage, too!

Nice huh!?
Post-a-Puzzle is for any occasion or just a nice way to keep in touch and let someone know you’re thinking about them.
Upload a funny photo with your message along with an image maybe of a gift or even better, a video of its hiding place!
You can even add confetti!

The puzzles styles will range from ‘classic’ to those that will require some lateral thinking!
Select an image to visit our shop!



Step 1: Choose your free greeting card

Step 2: Upload you message

Step 3: We post it!

Step 4: They crack it to reveal it!